Daily Trivia: 12/15/11

Question: What group was formed by drummer Terry Bozzio and his wife Dale, a former Playboy Bunny who sported Plexiglass bras?

Last Question: In The Outsiders, who played “Sodapop”?

Answer: Rob Lowe

The Outsiders was one of my favorite novels when I was a teenager. And for once, the movie adaption did not disappoint. It didn’t hurt that there was a stellar cast. Here are some of the stars from the movie that may sound familiar:

C. Thomas Howell as Ponyboy Curtis
Ralph Macchio as Johnny Cade
Matt Dillon as Dallas “Dally” Winston
Rob Lowe as Sodapop “Soda” Curtis
Patrick Swayze as Darrel “Darry” Curtis
Emilio Estevez as Keith “Two-Bit” Mathews
Tom Cruise as Steve Randle
Diane Lane as Sherri “Cherry” Valance
Leif Garrett as Bob Sheldon

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