“And Now Another Word From Our Sponsor” – ’80s Christmas Commercials, Season 2

Well, it’s that time of year again! We may not have cared too much for commercials back in the day. But, it sure is fun looking back at them now. We had several memorable commercials from the ’80s. After the success of last year’s batch, it should be fun have a sequel. Hopefully it will be more Empire Strikes Back than European Vacation or Temple of Doom. Here is our second season of Christmas commercials (in no particular order):


I was always told that Santa wouldn’t come leave presents unless you were sleeping. Well these smart-ass kids were trying to trick the big guy. But, Boo-Ya!! Santa was able to drop the presents off, snag some cookies and milk, and swipe the brats’ precious little picture of him before they could turn around and say – What the #*&$%!!!


I bet if you went into K-Mart today, they would have the same crappy selection of toys! If they have to say that the cassette radio “actually” plays music, that should raise some red flags! Yeah kid, you aren’t gonna get something really good this Christmas if your parents are doing their shopping at K-Mart. But, I hear that their underwear selection is really good – according to Raymond Babbitt anyway!

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Yes, when I think of Christmas, I think of…KFC!?! However, I would like a time machine to Return to the ’80s just to get those prices! I don’t think you could get a single piece of chicken there for that price now!


If I traumatized you with Ronald McDonald last year, I’m sorry for this holiday gift again this year.


There were quite a few commercials in the ’80s that had great jingles, and this was one of them. All the world DOES love M&Ms!


I am going to have nightmares for weeks now. Watch at your own risk! I’ll watch Chuckie from Child’s Play now so I can get the images from this commercial out of my head! Come to think of it, maybe this is where the writer of Child’s Play got the idea.


Here is a classic, with Santa riding in the razor.


And last of all, the classic, “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” Coke commercial. This ’80s version adds a little twist by adding Disney characters.

3 thoughts on ““And Now Another Word From Our Sponsor” – ’80s Christmas Commercials, Season 2”

  1. Haven’t had a chance to look at all these yet, but I can’t wait. Yeah, you’re right…it IS strange to look forward to commercials! At least back then they were tolerable and there weren’t that many.


    1. OK, now that I’ve gotten to look at them…

      I do believe that is Lloyd Bridges doing the voiceover for the Polaroid ad.

      Always loved the Norelco ad with the razor-riding Santa! That’s up there with the Budweiser Clydesdales (with Ed McMahon’s voiceover) as an all-time Christmas classic.


      1. You may be right about Lloyd Bridges. I’m trying to hear what it would sound like if he said “It looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue”, and I think you’re right. There were some really old black and white commercials for that Norelco with Santa, so that one is a true classic to go back that far, and keep airing after all those years. And I love the Clydesdales too. They usually have some of the best Super Bowl ads as well.


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