Daily Trivia: 12/20/11

What show, starring Ann Jillian, aired from 1980-1982, was cancelled, then returned with new episodes in syndication from 1985-1989?

Last Question: Which of the following does Billy’s mother NOT use to kill a gremlin?

A. Oven
B. Carving knife
C. Microwave
D. Mixing bowl

Answer: A. Oven

Billy’s mother, Lynn Peltzer, was played by Frances Lee McCain. She was not unfamiliar to playing mothers in the ’80s. Besides playing Billy’s mother in Gremlins, she also played Ren’s mother in Footloose, and Stella Baines, Lorraine’s (Lea Thompson) mother in Back to the Future.

She proved to be a badass in Gremlins. In the famous kitchen scene, she offed the first gremlin with the blender, then stabbed another one with the knife she was holding. And last of all, and most memorable, she sprayed another gremlin in the face, backing him into the microwave, causing him to explode. Here is the classic the scene:

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