Daily Trivia: 1/5/12

Question: What rocker, whose real name is William Broad, was a member of the punk band Generation X?

Last Question: In what movie did Robert Duvall play a recovering alcoholic country music singer, for which he won an Oscar?

Answer: Tender Mercies

Tender Mercies was released in 1983, and did not do very well at the box office, grossing just over $8 million. However, the film received 5 Academy Award nominations, winning Best Original Screenplay for Horton Foote, and Best Actor for Robert Duvall. It was Robert Duvall’s (who is celebrating his 81st birthday today) first and, so far, only Oscar win for Best Actor. Duvall stirred up a little controversy at the time. He was the only American actor nominated for the Best Actor Oscar. During an interview before the Oscar ceremony, Duvall offended some Britons by complaining about “the Limey syndrome,” claiming “the attitude with a lot of people in Hollywood is that what they do in England is somehow better than what we do here.” After he won, he said “It was a nice feeling, knowing I was the home-crowd favorite.”
Although Duvall was best known for his role in first two ‘Godfather‘ movies, it was after Tender Mercies came out that he started gaining legendary status among moviegoers.

Here is a scene of Robert Duvall singing in the movie:

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