Daily Trivia: 1/9/12

Question: In 1980, which new home video game system came with a free copy of the Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack game cartridge?

Last Question: Who was the original host of MTV’s House of Style?

Answer: Cindy Crawford

MTV’s House of Style premiered on January 1, 1989. It focused on America’s growing fascination with the “supermodel” craze. The show focused on fashion, lives of models, the modeling industry, and controversial topics such as eating disorders. There were several hosts of the show during it’s run, which ended in 2000. Some familiar names are Rebecca Romijn, Molly Sims, and Daisy Fuentes. But the most popular host was it’s original – Cindy Crawford. She hosted the show from 1989-1995.

Cindy Crawford was a model known for her trademark mole just above her lip. She graced the cover of hundreds of magazines throughout her career. Tragically, she took to acting in movies, which resulted in starring as the female lead in the movie Fair Game. The movie got horrible reviews, and it was a financial failure, as it cost $50 million to make, and only took in $11 million. But, that did not stop her success as a model, as she has consistently ranked highly on lists of the world’s sexiest people.

Crawford quit modeling in 2000; however, she still appears from time to time in (and on the covers of) fashion magazines in new shoots. She also has created a line of beauty products called Meaningful Beauty. In 2005, she launched a new line of furniture called the “Cindy Crawford Home Collection”.

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