Daily Trivia: 1/10/12

Question: In 1986, what new candy bar, with wafers, chocolate and chocolate cream, did Hershey’s claim was “better than anything else”?

Last Question: In 1980, which new home video game system came with a free copy of the Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack game cartridge?

Answer: Intellivision

Less than a year after the Atari 2600 was released, it’s main competitor, Intellivision was released. The Intellivision controller was more complex than Atari’s joystick and button. Intellivision’s controler had a keypad, and a disc, with little buttons on the sides.
I never had an Atari, but did have Intellivision, and loved it. There were a lot of great games, such as Skiing, Elevator Action, Astrosmash, Burgertime, and Lock ‘n’ Chase. Even the game that came with the system, Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack could provide hours of entertainment, after only having Pong as a game system. The graphics at the time were great. You really wanted to punch the dealer in the face when he had a good hand, and gives you a cocky smile. Here is a flashback for us Intellivision users:

Then in the mid-80s, Intellivision was a victim of the video game market crash, just before Nintendo hit it big. But it was great while it lasted!

2 thoughts on “Daily Trivia: 1/10/12”

  1. That sounds like one of my favorite candy bars…Kit Kat!

    I always wanted an Atari. I probably wanted an Intellivison, too, especially for the sports games, but I wasn’t too broken up about not getting one. I would love a Pac Man game, though!


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