Daily Trivia: 1/12/12

Question: In Better Off Dead, what kind of car does Lane have sitting in his yard?

Last Question: On Cheers, what was the name of the rich guy who was Sam’s rival for Rebecca’s affections?

Answer: Robin Colcord

Rebecca Howe (Kirstie Alley) always had a thing for rich men. When she forst came on the show, she had a crush on Even Drake (Tom Skerritt), but he did not have the same feelings for her. He eventually left for a new job in Japan.
Then Rebecca started having erotic dreams about Sam (Ted Danson). This freaked her out, as she was used to dreaming about the rich and powerful, like Evan Drake, Donald Trump, Ted Turner and Robin Colcord. Sam was starting to have feelings for Rebecca, when she was swept off her feet by Robin Colcord (Roger Rees), an English, pompous multi-millionaire industrialist. This began a rivalry between Sam and Robin.

Rebecca and Sam discovered that Robin was plotting a hostile takeover of the company for which they worked, and to aid him, had been secretly and illegally using Rebecca’s access to the company’s confidential information. Rebecca chose to conceal Robin’s activities for the sake of their relationship. However, Sam discovered that the company suspected Rebecca of being a willing corporate spy. To protect her, Sam revealed Robin’s crimes.

Amidst the ensuing scandal, Robin was arrested and briefly sent to prison as well as losing his business positions and money. He and Rebecca planned to marry on his release, despite his new humble status. She chose not to go through with this, after which he revealed he still had some of his fortune in a secret stash but that he would not marry her if she had only wanted his money.

Here is Robin Colcord in action with the gang at Cheers:

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