Daily Trivia: 1/13/12

Question: What Oscar-winning actor directed the movie Stir Crazy?

Last Question: In Better Off Dead, what kind of car does Lane have sitting in his yard?

Answer: Camaro

Poor Lane was having it rough after his girlfriend Beth dumped him for the ski captain. Then he met exchange student Monique, and things started getting better. But, he was still having a difficult time drag racing with the two Korean brothers, one of whom learned English by impersonating Howard Cosell.

But, as it turns out, Monique turned out to be quite the “grease monkey”, fixing up Lanes ’67 Camaro that had been sitting covered in his yard forever. He redeemed himself against the brothers:

This, and “language lessons” in the international language of love restored Lane’s confidence and his will to live. He was well enough to take on the ski captain in a race, as well as losing the paperboy who wanted his 2 dollars!

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