Daily Trivia: 1/20/12

Question: What three colors are mentioned in the lyrics of “Karma Chameleon”?

Last Question: In Laverne and Shirley, what brewery did Laverne and Shirley work for?

Answer: Shotz Brewery

For Laverne and Shirley‘s first five seasons, from 1976 to 1980, the show was set in Milwaukee, where the girls were bottlecappers at Shotz Brewery. The brewery was based on the Schlitz Brewery. Laverne and Shirley’s basement apartment was on Knapp Street, which wasa real street near the Schlitz Brewery in Milwaukee.

Here is the show’s opening and closing during the Milwaukee years:

In the sixth season opener in 1980, the girls lost their bottlecapping jobs to new automation installed at Shotz Brewery. So they moved to Burbank and took jobs as gift-wrappers at Bardwell’s Department Store.
Here is the opening from the Burbank years while Shirley was still there:

Cindy Williams, who played Shirley, was pregnant and felt the producers were uncooperative and using her pregnancy as an excuse to ease her off the series. So she left the show and filed a lawsuit agaist Paramount Pictures. They settle out of court. So for the last season of Laverne and Shirley, there was no Shirley! The explaination on the show was that Shirley quickly fell in love and married Army medic Walter Meany (making her Shirley Feeney-Meany), and discovered one episode later that she was pregnant. She left a note to Laverne that she had left town quickly to join her husband overseas. Laverne began working in an aerospace testing facility and did not need another roommate.

And that was the show’s final season. The combination of a missing title character, and then competeting against a little show called The A-Team, finished it off. Here is the final season’s theme song:

2 thoughts on “Daily Trivia: 1/20/12”

  1. Answer: red, gold and green.

    I’d forgotten about Laverne and Shirley moving to California. They should have moved into a young Mr. and Mrs. Roper’s apartment. That would have been some show, huh?


    1. You got it Jim! And that’s a brilliant idea about Laverne and Shirley and the Ropers!
      I had forgotten that Shirley had left the show. Of course, since it was on at the same time as the A-Team, I had most likely stopped watching it.


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