Daily Trivia: 1/24/12

Question: What movie did this quote come from: “The luck is gone, the brain is shot, but the liquor we still got”?

Last Question: In National Lampoon’s Vacation, how long was Wally World going to be closed?

A. one day
B. two weeks
C. one week
D. two months

Answer: B. two weeks

Didn’t they think it was odd that they were the first ones there? Poor Griswolds! After having their car vandalized, killing the dog Dinky, having Aunt Edna die on them, and getting stranded in the desert, they finally made it to Walley World! Only to find that it is closed for 2 weeks “to clean and repair”. Here is the scene of their arrival:

Clark then has a meltdown, gets a BB gun, and takes park security guard (John Candy) hostage to go on the rides.

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