Daily Trivia: 1/26/12

Question: In the movie Overboard, how does Dean (Kurt Russell) prove that he can identify Joanna (Goldie Hawn)?

Last Question: Which singer performed the vocals for ‘The Love Boat’ from 1977 to 1985?

A. Jack Jones
B. Robert Goulet
C. Tom Jones
D. Wayne Newton

Answer: Jack Jones

Jack Jones was a popular singer in the ’60s. In a time when Rock and Roll was taking the world by storm, Jones performed with the Big Band/Vocalist sound – and was successful. He would go on to change his appearance from the smooth club entertainer of the 1960s Las Vegas scene to the long-haired singer of the early seventies. He performed “The Love Boat” theme, and then recorded a disco version of the song for his 1979 album Nobody Does it Better. Since 1980, Jones has recorded only a handful of albums.

Here is the opening theme of The Love Boat:

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