One Hit Wonders of the ’80s: 1986 – Regina

“Baby Love” by Regina

Regina (Regina Richards) wanted to work as a songwriter. She co-wrote “Baby Love” with frequent Madonna collaborator Stephen Bray. The song definitely has an early Madonna feel to it. Regina wanted somebody other than herself to sing the song, however her record label, Atlantic Records, thought otherwise and told Regina to sing the song herself.

The song was put on Regina’s Curiosity album, which also included “Say Goodbye,” a song she had originally written with Kenny Rogers in mind. She struck it big with the song “Baby Love”, which shot all the way up to #10 on September 13, 1986. The song was her only mainstream top 40 hit. She did have other songs, such as “Beat of Love,” “Head On,” and “Extraordinary Love,” that were a little more popular on the dance charts.

A second Regina album, Best Kept Secret, was never released. However, she did appear in an anti-drug public service announcement with the animated McGruff the Crime Dog, that aired well into the 1990s.

Now let’s Return to 1986, and from the “Oh, now I remember this song!!!” department, here is “Baby Love” by Regina:

2 thoughts on “One Hit Wonders of the ’80s: 1986 – Regina”

  1. Yes I remember this. The case with Nancy Martinez has been very identical to this. I heard both artist on the radio one single time, and never found the songs for two decades because I didn’t know the names. Curiosity contains some weak songs, but others like head on and curiosity were just as good as baby love. Regina had a fantastic madonna-voice and she was a talented singer. Most failed artists have tried to release a couple of albums before they flopped but she only had one and left the music industry after she couldn’t release her 2nd album. If only we knew what the album was like, a time ago I heard from some source that they still had the songs on master tapes.

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  2. Regina seemed very talented. It’s too bad her career didn’t take off. This is a song I had forgotten about from the ’80s, and I forgot about it again. I just checked iTunes, and this song wasn’t there.


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