Remember That Song/I’ll Be Back…

Hi Everybody! If you were thinking that it is odd that I’ve been posting tropical/boating songs and trivia in the middle of winter, there is a reason for it. It is vacation time again! However, this time, I don’t think I’m going to have access to a computer at all. I am going to miss you guys. But, I’ll be back posting again the day after the Super Bowl.

In the meantime, you can pretend you’re on vacation with me, and go to “Kokomo”. Here is the answer for yesterday’s question about the places named in the song:

Key Largo
Florida Keys
Port au Prince

And here is the song:

3 thoughts on “Remember That Song/I’ll Be Back…”

  1. Actually, I didn’t catch on to the recurrent theme of late. Does that mean I need a vacation, too?

    Have a great time…we’ll be waiting!

    Oh, and I should have that article done by the time you get back.


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