One Hit Wonders of the ’80s: 1986 – Double

“The Captain of Her Heart” by Double

Double was a duo from Switzerland, consisting of Felix Haug (drums and keyboards) and Kurt Maloo (guitar and vocals). Their hit song, “The Captain of Her Heart”, came from their first full length album, 1985’s Blue. The song was an international hit, reaching all the way to #8 on the U.K. The song peaked at #16 on the U.S. charts on September 13, 1986. They followed up with the 1987 album Dou3le. It was not as successful as their previous album, and they broke up shortly after.

Kurt Maloo pursued a solo career, in the course of which he has released four albums Single (1990), Soul and Echo (1995), Loopy Avenue (2006) and Summer Of Better Times (2009). Felix Haug died following a heart attack on May 1, 2004.

Now, let’s Return to the ’80s, and take another listen to Double’s “The Captain of Her Heart”:

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