Daily Trivia: 2/10/12

Question: What show starring Allen Fawcett featured celebrity judges and contestants lip-synching in their favorite songs?

Last Question: On One Day at a Time, what city did Ann Romano and her daughters live in?

Answer: Indianapolis

One Day At a Time aired from December 16, 1975 to May 28, 1984. Bonnie Franklin played Ann Romano, a divorced mother who moved with her daughters, Julie and Barbara Cooper (Mackenzie Phillips, Valerie Bertinelli) from Logansport, Indiana to Indianapolis, Indiana. They lived in an apartment. Schneider (Pat Harrington), was the building’s superintendent, and became a sort of unofficial member of their family.

The show was developed by Norman Lear, who had also developed All In the Family, and The Jeffersons. And much like those shows, One Day At a Time was a comedy, and also tackled some serious issues.
They show had a great run, airing for 9 seasons, with 209 episodes.

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