Daily Trivia: 2/14/12

Question: In Desperately Seeking Susan, who played the film projectionist Dez?

Last Question: What show starring Allen Fawcett featured celebrity judges and contestants lip-synching in their favorite songs?

Answer: Puttin’ on the Hits

Puttin’ on the Hits
was a lip-synching contest where contestants would dress up in costumes and use props to make their act more creative. Each act was judged by a panel of celebrity judges based on their appearance, song choice, and lip-sync ability with a total of 90 points being the maximum value an act could score; to achieve that, an act would have to receive 10 points in each of the three categories from all three judges. The act with the highest score at the end of the show won $1,000. They also advanced to the Semi-Finals which is worth $5,000 and after that, the season-ending “Grand Final” worth $25,000 to the winning act. The show aired on weekends from 1984 through 1988.

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