Whitney Houston Tribute/The Later Years

At a time when I was in to hard rock, and listened to Motley Crue, Van Halen, AC/DC, and Def Leppard, a beautiful pop singer burst on to the scene, with an incredible voice. Whitney Houston brought me back to pop and R&B. She expanded my musical horizon without feeling guilty. She sang some soaring ballads, and fun dance music. Her music stands the test of time. I wasn’t one of those people that downloaded all of her music after she passed away last week. I already had it all, and still love it! As Whitney is laid today (I am writing this while the funeral is on), let us remember her for her music instead of her problems.
Since there are so many songs that I love, I will split this up over several articles. Let’s start with the more recent songs, and work our way back to her beginnings.

The Later Years

Whitney’s last studio album was 2009’s I Look To You. It was her big comeback album that we were all waiting for. She had finally dropped that dead-weight Bobby Brown, and seemed to be cleaned up. Unfortunately, her voice was a shell of its former glory when she performed live. But, her shell is better than most people at their best. Here are a couple of songs that I like from that album:

I Look to You

I Didn’t Know My Own Strength

Whitney released her 5th studio album in 2002 called Just Whitney… This is my favorite song from that album:

“Try It On My Own”

In 1998, Whitney released her first studio album in 8 years, My Love Is Your Love. Here are a few songs from the album. Whitney was obviously a heavy influence on Mariah Carey. They sang a duet together on this album.

Another song of note from this album is “Heartbreak Hotel” in which Whitney sang with Faith Evans and Kelly Price. On February 9, 2012, in a pre-Grammy party to celebrate Price’s nominations, the singer sang “Jesus Loves Me” with Whitney Houston in what turned out to be Houston’s last public performance two days before Whitney’s death.

And the title track, “My Love Is Your Love”, is a great song as well. Here are the songs:

“When You Believe” (with Mariah Carey)

“Heartbreak Hotel” (with Faith Evans and Kelly Price)

“My Love Is Your Love”

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