Whitney Houston Tribute – Late ’80s/Early ’90s

We will continue to look back at the music that Whitney left us. We have gone over her Later Years and The Soundtrack Years. Now let’s go over her late ’80s/early ’90s work.

The Star Spangled Banner

“If you were there, you could feel the intensity. You know, we were in the Gulf War at the time. It was an intense time for a country. A lot of our daughters and sons were overseas fighting. I could see, in the stadium, I could see the fear, the hope, the intensity, the prayers going up, you know, and I just felt like this is the moment. And it was hope, we needed hope, you know, to bring our babies home and that’s what it was about for me, that what I felt when I sang that song, and the overwhelming love coming out of the stands was incredible.”

—Whitney Houston talking about how she felt at the moment when she belted out the national anthem at Super Bowl XXV.

Super Bowl XXV would go down in history as one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time, which ended with Buffalo’s Scott Norwood missing the game winning field goal at the end, giving the underdog New York Giants the victory.

However, Whitney made the Super Bowl historic before the opening kick-off. We were in the midst of the first Persian Gulf War, specifically Operation Desert Storm. The nation’s pride was high at the time.
And then Whitney delivered the greatest rendition of the National Anthem of all time. Anybody who performs the song, especially before a big event, will forever be compared to Whitney. And nobody will ever be her equal.

Here is the benchmark performance:

I’m Your Baby Tonight

She released her third studio album, I’m Your Baby Tonight, in 1990. It would take her 8 years to release her next album. I’m Your Baby Tonight was not as successful as her first two albums, but it was still a hit. Here are some of the songs from that album:

“We Didn’t Know” (with Stevie Wonder)

“I Belong to You”

“My Name Is Not Susan”


“I’m Your Baby Tonight”

“One Moment In Time”

Whitney recorded this song for the 1988 Olympics, which were held in Seoul, South Korea. The song would be Whitney’s 10th Top 10 hit.

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