Daily Trivia – 3/8/12

Question: On Moonlighting, what was Maddie Hayes’s profession before becoming a detective?

Last Question: Who played a horticulturist with a hankerin’ for the title character in Return of the Swamp Thing?

Answer: Heather Locklear

After her T.J. Hooker and Dynasty years, but before her Melrose Place years, and way, way before her mugshot years, Heather Locklear played Abby Arcane in the Swamp Thing sequel, The Return of Swamp Thing. The original was more of a horror movie (which was directed by Wes Craven), and the sequel was a campy, sci-fi-comedy, directed by Jim Wynorski. Locklear would go on to win the Razzie Award as Worst Actress for her performance in the film.

Then in 1990, Swamp Thing became a television series which aired on the USA Network. Dick Durock reprized his role as the title character. But, it took a step away from the campy The Return of Swamp Thing, and leaned more towards the original movie in its tone. The show lasted into 1993 with a total of 72 episodes.

Here is the movie trailer for The Return of Swamp Thing:

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