Daily Trivia – 3/9/12

Question: What 13-year old sued his Kokomo, Indiana school after he was expelled for being HIV-positive?

Last Question: On Moonlighting, what was Maddie Hayes’s profession before becoming a detective?

Answer: Model

Moonlighting, starring Bruce Willis as David Addison and Cybill Shepherd as Maddie Hayes, aired on ABC from March 3, 1985, to May 14, 1989. Maddie was a former model who found herself bankrupt after her accountant embezzled all of her liquid assets. All she was left with was failing businesses that she had as tax write-offs, one of which is the City of Angels Detective Agency, run by the carefree David Addison. David convinced Maddie to keep the business and run it as a partnership. The agency was renamed Blue Moon Investigations because Maddie was most famous for being the spokesmodel for the Blue Moon shampoo company.

And so began one of the most popular “will they or won’t they” storylines of all time. And the answer is “They Will”. Here is their first real kiss:

Here is the theme song which was performed by Al Jarreau:

The show came to an end in 1989, when Bruce Willis, fresh off his success of Die Hard, wanted to act in more movies, and Cybill Shepherd, having just given birth to twins, had grown tired of the long, grueling production days and was ready for the series to end.
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  1. Ryan White?

    I was a big fan of Moonlighting. Those two really had something there. Great theme song, too.

    1. You got it!! I didn’t really appreciate Moonlighting at the time it was out. I would probably like it now. I’ll have to try catching it if it is ever re-run.

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