One Hit Wonders of the ’80s: 1987 – Hipsway

“The Honeythief” by Hipsway

Hipsway was a Scottish band that was formed in 1984 by ex-Altered Images guitarist Johnny McElhone on bass, and featuring Grahame Skinner (vocals), Pim Jones (guitar) and Harry Travers (drums). They were signed by Mercury Records, and released their self-titled debut. The album did pretty well, with the single
“The Honeythief” peaking at #17 on the U.K. charts, and peaking at #19 in the U.S. on April 4, 1987.

The band was not able to capitalize on this success. Johnny McElhone left to found the band Texas. By the time Hipsway released their second album, 1989’s Scratch the Surface, Harry Travers also left the band. The album did not do well at all, and the band split up.

So let’s Return to 1987, and catch Hipsway’s brief moment of glory – “The Honeythief”:

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  1. Must have been a real brief moment of glory…I completely forgot about this song, and even after hearing it I can barely remember it. Not a bad song, I guess.

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