Daily Trivia – 3/23/12

Question: Who sang the theme for Pee-wee’s Playhouse?

Last Question: What movie earned Sylvester Stallone his first Razzie Award, in part for warbling Dolly Parton’s Razzie-winning song “Drinkenstein”?

Answer: Rhinestone

Here is the disasterous soung:

Jake Farris (Dolly Parton), a country singer stuck in a long-term contract performing at a sleazy urban cowboy nightclub in New York City, boasts to the club’s manager, Freddie (Ron Leibman), that she can make anybody into a country sensation, insisting that she can turn any normal guy into a country singer in just two weeks. Freddie accepts Jake’s bet, putting up the remainder of Jake’s contract (if she wins the bet, the contract becomes void; if she loses, another five years will be added). He then ups the ante: if Jake loses, she must also sleep with him. The problem is that Freddie can select the man, and he selects an obnoxious New York cabbie named Nick Martinelli (Sylvester Stallone). Nick not only has no musical talent whatsoever, he claims to hate country music “worse than liver”. Realizing she is stuck with Nick, Jake takes him back to the hills of Tennessee for a two-week crash course in how to walk, talk, and sing like a genuine country star.

Here is the last song of the movie. I never saw this movie, but I’m assuming this is supposed to be the triumphant song. Ugh, this is horrible:

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