Daily Trivia – 3/27/12

Question: What shoe brand had the slogan: “Life is not a spectator sport”?

Last Question: What was the name of Madonna’s first band, for whom she sang and played drums?

Answer: Breakfast Club

Madonna and her boyfriend at the time, Dan Gilroy, founded the band Breakfast Club. Here are a couple of songs:

She left the band to form another band called Emmy before she launched into her legendary solo career. Breakfast Club went on to be a One-Hit wonder with their song “Right On Track”.

Madonna has been making a comeback these days. She performed well at the Super Bowl. There was a small controversy, but it wasn’t her causing it. M.I.A. “flipping the bird” actually made Madonna look like the good guy for a change. And I actually had to look up M.I.A.’s name because I already forgot it!

And today Madonna has released her 12th studio album, MDNA. Here are a couple of songs from the new album:

Beautiful Killer:

Give Me All Your Luvin’:

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