One Hit Wonders of the ’80s: 1988 – M|A|R|R|S

“Pump Up the Volume” by M|A|R|R|S

Brothers and sisters! Pump up the Volume! M|A|R|R|S was a collaboration of the groups A.R. Kane and Colourbox. The name is an acronym derived from the first names of the five artists involved in the project: Martyn Young (from Colourbox), Alex Ayuli and Rudy Tambala (from A.R. Kane), Russell Smith (an associate A.R. Kane member and founder of Terminal Cheesecake), and Steve Young (from Colourbox).

The only release of this collaboration was the double A-sided single “Pump Up the Volume” / “Anitina”. Of the two songs, “Pump up the Volume” became the hit. It was a sampling of several songs, and was inspired by the American house music that was starting to make an impact on the British charts. The song went on to be a #1 hit in several countries, and peaked at #13 on the U.S. charts on February 20, 1988.

The groups never recorded together again. Apparently they did not get along with each other. Producer John Fryer found himself in the middle and unable to resolve the conflict between the two groups. So instead of working together, the two groups ended up recording a track each, then turning it over to the other for additional input.

The result was this hit song:

2 thoughts on “One Hit Wonders of the ’80s: 1988 – M|A|R|R|S”

  1. Terminal Cheesecake…what an awesome name for a band.

    “Pump Up The Volume” reminds me of my DJ days. I thought it was pretty good.


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