Daily Trivia – 4/5/12

Question: What talk show did Bob and Doug MacKenzie host on SCTV?

Last Question: What big-budget drama eventually dumped Dynasty II from its title?

Answer: The Colbys

The Colbys, a spinoff of Dynasty, was originally called Dynasty II: The Colbys. The show only aired for two seasons, from November 20, 1985 to March 26, 1987. Fallon Carrington Colby (Emma Samms) was presumed dead on Dynasty, but reappeared alive with amnesia. She was drawn to California after recognizing the name “Colby.” She met playboy Miles Colby (Maxwell Caulfield), not realizing that he was the cousin of her ex-husband, Jeff (John James).

Despite The Colbys casting some big name stars such as Charlton Heston, Barbara Stanwyck, and Ricardo Montalban, the show did not do to well. It got off to a great start, winning the 1986 People’s Choice Award for New Dramatic TV Program. However, it was up against Cheers on Thursday nights. The ratings got worse the following season, when it was also up against Knot’s Landing, prompting the network to cancel the show. Following the cancellation of The Colbys, the characters of Jeff and Fallon were immediately reintroduced into Dynasty, which would run until 1989.

Here is The Colbys theme song:

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  1. That theme song sounds a lot like the Superman theme, eh?

    And Ken Howard was in that? The White Shadow really moved up in the world.

  2. I thought it had a John Williams feel to it too! There aren’t any good theme songs anymore, like we had in the ’80s! Ken Howard is still doing pretty good now that he is Jack Donaghy’s boss on 30 Rock.

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