One Hit Wonders of the ’80s: 1988 – Scarlett and Black

“You Don’t Know” by Scarlett and Black

Scarlett and Black were a pop duo of Robin Hild and Sue West who are from the U.K. They had been backing vocalists for Doctor and the Medics (“Spirit in the Sky”). In 1987, they released their self-titled debut album. The first single off of that album, “You Don’t Know” was a hit, peaking at #20 on April 16, 1988. They weren’t able to capitalize on that hit, as their next single, “Let Yourself Go-Go” did not do well at all. The duo was short lived as they broke up after that.

Sue West went on to play with Sparkle Jet UK from the mid 90’s to early 2000’s, and Robin Hild continues to work as a songwriter.

Now let’s Return to the 80s, listen to Scarlett and Black’s lone hit “You Don’t Know”, and say “Oh Yeah, I Remember that song!!!”

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