Daily Trivia – 4/19/12

Question: What Brat Packer served as best man when Tom Cruise got hitched to Mimi Rogers?

Last Question: What rock superstar sired children with Alana Hamilton and Kelly Emberg during the ’80s?

Answer: Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart is known for being quite the player, having eight children with five women. The most recent was with his current wife, Penny Lancaster-Stewart, as their son Aiden was born February 16, 2011.

Stewart was married to Alana Hamilton (ex-wife of George Hamilton, and now goes by Alana Stewart) from 1979–1984. They had two children together, Kimberly (who just gave birth to her first child with Oscar-winning actor Benicio Del Toro) and Sean.

Then he was in a relationship with Model Kelly Emberg from 1983-1990 (Whoops! Overlap there). They had a daughter Ruby, who was born in 1987.

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