Daily Trivia – 4/25/12

Question: What was the next Arnold Schwarzenegger movie to hit the screen after Conan the Barbarian?

Last Question: On Diff’rent Strokes, what was the name of Arnold’s goldfish?

Answer: Abraham

From the first episode, Willis and Arnold had just arrived at Mr. Drummond’s apartment. Arnold was holding Abraham in his bowl. The scene went like this

Arnold: My pet goldfish, I call him Abraham

Mr. Drummond: I have never seen a black goldfish before.

Arnold: That’s okay, he’s never seen a rich white man before either.

Then in the Season 2 episode Arnold Faces Fatality, which aired on March 19, 1980, poor Abraham died.

They held the ceremony in the bathroom…Arnold was off-camera and you could him say, “Those who come from the sea, shall return to the sea”…Then you hear the toilet flush.

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