Daily Trivia – 4/30/12

Question: What British trio found a replacement for founding member Siobhan Fahey, who left the group after marrying rock star Dave Stewart?

Last Question: What “family” sitcom did producers originally write with Sam Kinison and Roseanne Barr in mind?

Answer: Married… with Children

Married… with Children aired for 11 seasons, and was one of the first prime-time shows ever to air on the FOX network. The show was definitely much different than other sitcoms at the time, and helped put FOX in the same league as the big three networks.
The show was controversial when it first aired, bit imagine how much more so it would have been if the parts of Al and Peg Bundy went to Sam Kinison and Roseanne Barr instead of Ed O’Neill and Katey Sagal!? As talented as stand-up comedians Kinison and Barr were, it would have been a totally different show, and may not have been as successful.
Roseanne would go on to a very successful television career with her own unique sitecom, Roseanne. Sadly, Sam Kinison was killed by a drunk driver on April 10, 1992. But, before he died, he was able to appear in Married…With Children:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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