Daily Trivia – 5/19/12

Question: What cola had the slogan, “All the sugar, twice the caffeine”?

Last Question: What public figure helped announce a 1988 Cubs game saying: “In a few months I’m going to be out of work and I thought I might as well audition”?

Answer: President Ronald Reagan (Great job Jim!)

Born in Tampico, Illinois and raised in Dixon, Ronald Reagan grew up a Chicago Cubs fan. Before he became an actor, Reagan was a radio sports broadcaster. In the 1930’s, he announced the University of Iowa’s home football games. Then he moved to WHO radio in Des Moines as an announcer for the Chicago Cubs, creating play-by-play accounts of games that the station received by wire. Then while traveling with the Cubs in California, Reagan took a screen test in 1937 that led to a seven-year contract with Warner Brothers studios. And the rest is history.

1988 was quite the historical year for Wrigley Field, the home of the Cubs. It was the last Major League field to install lights. In August of 1988, the first night game was held at the field. On September 30, 1988, just a few months before President Reagan left office, he made his last stop at Wrigley Field. He threw out the first pitch, and spent some time in the broadcast booth alongside Harry Caray.

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