Daily Trivia – 5/31/12

Question: What classic Hasbro toy acquired a trap door for spare parts storage in 1983?

Last Question: On a February 11, 1980 episode, what real life tragedy (which occurred 2 months earlier) did WKRP in Cincinnati deal with?

Answer: The Who concert disaster

As part of The Who’s first U.S. tour in three years, the band was playing at Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati. The concert was using “festival seating”, which means the seats were available on a first-come, first-served basis. A lot of fans showed up early because of this. When the crowds waiting outside in bitter cold conditions heard the band performing a late sound check, they thought that the concert was beginning and tried to rush into the doors that which were still closed. The people that were towards the front of the line were trampled as those pushing from behind didn’t know the doors were still closed. Only a few doors were in operation that night, and there are reports that management did not open more doors due to union restrictions and the concern of people sneaking past the ticket turnstiles. As a result, 11 people died, and several dozen others were injured. The band did not know about the incident until after their performance. Festival seating was banned in Cincinnati for 25 years, with minor exceptions.

As a result, the sitcom WKRP In Cincinnati (which was in its second season), aired an episode about the incident on February 11, 1980 called “In Concert”. Steven Kampmann, one of the writers, felt that as a show about rock radio in Cincinnati they couldn’t avoid dealing with the event, so he came up with this story. The first part of this episode takes place before that concert for which they helped to promote; the second act takes place the day after, and presents the characters’ reactions to the tragedy.

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