Daily Trivia – 6/1/12

Question: What rock star was being treated for alcoholism in Minneapolis when his 1987 Michelob ad first aired?

Last Question: What classic Hasbro toy acquired a trap door for spare parts storage in 1983?

Answer: Mr. Potato Head (Great job Jim!)

Mr. Potato Head was first manufactured and distributed by Hasbro in 1952, and has remained in production ever since. When it first came out, Mr. Potato Head was not a plastic toy. Instead, it came with face parts which had push pins. These could then be pushed into a real potato. I know it’s not ’80s, but here is one of the first commercials. You can see how freaky he looked:

In the 1960s, government regulations forced the Potato Head parts to be less sharp, leaving them unable to puncture vegetables easily. By 1964, the company was therefore forced to include a plastic potato “body” in its kit.

In 1975, the size of Mr. Potato Head and its accessories increased, which made it more child friendly. The 1983 version included the compartment to store the pieces. Here is a commercial from 1983 that you may remember:

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