One Hit Wonders of the ’80s: 1989 – Love and Rockets

“So Alive” by Love and Rockets

When Love and Rockets first started at as mainly an alt rock/college rock band. Their first album, 1985’s Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven, is an example of this. Their second album, 1986’s Express added a little more of a pop feel to it. The 1987 follow up, Earth, Sun, Moon, had a more acoustic sound.
Then in 1989, Love and Rockets released their self-titled album, which had more of an AOR sound. It was off of this album that the band had their only significant hit. “So Alive” was a T.Rex inspired song, and reached all the way up to #3 on August 5, 1989 [This was quite a feat considering I had never heard of this group, and the song doesn’t ring a bell with me] But anyway…

After a grueling tour schedule in support of their big hit, Love and Rockets took a few years off before returning to the studio together. After 7 albums, the band split up in 1999. Then they reformed in 2007 for some live shows. Then they split up for good in 2009.

Let’s Return to 1989 when Love and Rockets was “So Alive”:

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