Daily Trivia: 6/25/12

Question: On which of the following record labels was “Thriller” released?

A. Jive Records
B. Epic Records
C. Arista Records
D. Motown Records

Last Question: What Meryl Streep movie featured the famous quote: “A dingo took my baby”?

Answer: A Cry in the Dark (or Evil Angels) Great job @buttercup081474 and Mary (@nakedplanet2)

A Cry in the Dark was a true story about Lindy Chamberlain, who was an Australian woman who was at the center of one of Australia’s most publicized murder trials in which she was accused and convicted of killing her nine-week old daughter, Azaria, while camping at Uluru (then known as Ayers Rock) in 1980. Lindy maintained that she saw a dingo leave the tent where Azaria slept on the night she disappeared.

Eight years after her conviction, the ruling was overturned, and Lindy was acquitted of the charges. There have been several inquests over the years to prove what really happened. The case was in the news again 2 weeks ago as a coroner confirmed once and for all that the baby was indeed attacked by a dingo.

In the movie, Meryl Streep earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, playing Lindy Chamberlain. The famous line, “”A dingo took my baby!” is often misquoted as “”A dingo ate my baby!” thanks to Elaine on Seinfeld:

Here is the movie trailer for A Cry In the Dark:

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