Daily Trivia: 6/28/12

Question: What Toronto-born comic landed a six-year gig as Dr. Wayne Fiscus on St. Elsewhere?

Last Question: What Bloom County character dreamed of having an interspecies relationship with Diane Sawyer?

Answer: Opus (Great job Jim!)

Talk about the ultimate ’80s comic strip! Bloom County ran from December 8, 1980, until August 6, 1989 – right from the very beginning of the decade until the very end. The comic was created by Berkeley Breathed. It was a political and cultural comic that took place in middle America. It featured characters such as Milo Bloom, whose grandparents ran the Bloom boarding house, where many of the stories took place; Bill the Cat, who was a parody of Garfield, and usually just said “Ack” and “Pbthhh”; and of course Opus, the large-nosed penguin.

Opus was a fan-favorite, and eventually became the center of most of the stories.

Breathed decided to end the strip in 1989. However, Breathed started a Sunday-only strip called Outland with original characters and situations introduced in Bloom County’s final days. However, Opus, Bill and other characters eventually reappeared and slowly took over the strip. Outland ran from September 3, 1989, to March 26, 1995. Another Sunday-only spinoff strip called Opus ran from November 23, 2003, to November 2, 2008.

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