Daily Trivia: 7/2/12

Question: What Minute Maid citrus blend, contrary to a song by the Barenaked Ladies, was not made from apples, cheese and broccoli?

Last Question: What crew member of the Love Boat would win the election to the Iowa US House of Representatives in 1986?

Answer: Gopher (Fred Grandy)

Fred Grandy is know to most of us from playing Gopher on The Love Boat from 1977–1986. But, he always had an interest in politics. Before college, he was roomates with David Eisenhower (grandson of President Dwight D. Eisenhower) at Phillips Exeter Academy and later was best man at Eisenhower’s wedding to Julie Nixon. He also served as a speechwriter for Iowa Congressman Wiley Mayne.

Grandy, a Republican, won the election to an Iowa US House of Representatives seat in 1986 by 3,000 votes. Although he tried to distance himself from his acting career at the time, he told People magazine: “If there were no Gopher, there would be no Fred Grandy for Congress.”

During his four terms in Congress, he served on a variety of committees, including House Ways and Means, Agriculture, Standards of Official Conduct, and Education and the Workforce. While a member of Congress, Grandy won eight “Watchdog of the Treasury” awards. In 1994, he entered the Republican primary race for Governor of Iowa against incumbent Terry Branstad; he lost the election by 4 percentage points.

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