Daily Trivia: 7/3/12

Question: In Red Dawn, what is the name of the rock where the Wolverines carve the names of their fallen friends:

A. Martyr’s Wall
B. The Memorial Stone
C. Partisan Rock
D. Memorial Rock

Last Question: What Minute Maid citrus blend, contrary to a song by the Barenaked Ladies, was not made from apples, cheese and broccoli?

Answer: Five Alive

Way, way better than V8!!

Hear is the Barenaked Ladies 1989 song, “Careless” that contains the lyrics, “I couldn’t care less, what are the five fruits in Five Alive juice? Apples, cheese and broccoli”

I guess they areally couldn’t care less, not only are two of those things not fruit, but there are only 3 – not 5! Arrrrggggghhhhhhhh!!!!

And here is a Five Alive commercial from 1982:

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