Daily Trivia: 7/12/12

Question: What popular game show originally featured Chuck Woolery and Susan Stafford as host and hostess?

Last Question: On Too Close for Comfort, what was the name of JM J. Bullock’s character?

Answer: Monroe

After playing our favorite snobby, golf-playing judge in Caddyshack, Ted Knight starred in the television show Too Close for Comfort, which ran from November 11, 1980 to September 27, 1986. Knight and Nancy Dussault played Henry and Muriel Rush, owners of a two-family house in San Francisco. They had two grown daughters, Jackie (Deborah Van Valkenburgh) and Sara (Lydia Cornell), who lived downstairs from them. At the end of the second season, Muriel gave birth to a son named Andrew.

James J. Bullock (who was credited as Jm J. Bullock in the show) played Sara’s dim-witted friend Monroe Ficus. He was Henry’s main (if unintended) foil.

There were changes made in the show’s last season. The name of the show became The Ted Knight Show.
Neither Jackie nor Sara appeared in this season. Henry, Muriel and Andrew move to a house in Marin County, north of San Francisco. The revamped show continued to be successful and was scheduled to resume production for another season. However Ted Knight, who had been battling colon cancer since 1985, died on August 26, 1986 at age 62, and the series was not continued.

Bullock would go on to be a regular on the updated Hollywood Squares, which was hosted by John Davidson. Bullock would even substitute as host at times.
Here is part of an episode of The Hollywood Squares:

And here is the Too Close for Comfort theme song:

Is it just me, or do these theme songs make you long for the ’80s sitcoms?

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