Daily Trivia: 7/13/12

Question: In 1987, Coleco introduced what pillow-like dolls that came in packaging shaped like easy chairs?

Last Question: What popular game show originally featured Chuck Woolery and Susan Stafford as host and hostess?

Answer: Wheel of Fortune

Yes kids, Wheel of Fortune was on the air before Pat Sajak and Vanna White. The show was created by Merv Griffin and debuted on January 6, 1975 at 10:30 am.

One major difference between the game back then was that after winning a round, the contestant would spend their winnings purchasing prizes that were presented onstage. Chuck Woolery left Wheel of Fortune following a salary dispute with Griffin. His last episode aired on December 25, 1981. Here is a clip from that show:

Of course, that was not the end of Chuck Woolery. He would go on to host the following shows:
Love Connection (1983–94), The Big Spin (1985), Scrabble (1984–90, 1993), The Home and Family Show (1996–98, co-host), The Dating Game (1997–99), Greed (1999–2000), and Lingo (2002–07).

Pat Sajak, took over hosting duties of Wheel of Fortune on December 28, and is still there. Stafford left the show in October 1982 to do humanitarian work. Vanna White would go on to be the permanent hostess in December 1982.

Wheel of Fortune is the longest-running syndicated game show in American television history and the second-longest in either network or syndication, second to the current version of The Price Is Right, which began airing in 1972.

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