Albums of the ’80s: Journey – Departure

Join us for our departure into The 80s.

For today’s Album of the ’80s, we’ll Return to 1980. Journey’s Departure marked the end of an era. It was the last full time studio album appearance of founding member Gregg Rolie. For Journey novices, Gregg Rolie played keyboards, and was actually the full-time lead singer for Journey’s first few albums until Steve Perry arrived on the scene. Rolie selected his own replacement – Jonathan Cain, then of The Babys. Cain’s first album with the band was one you may have heard of – Escape. Most of us know most of the songs from Escape by heart, so we’ll focus on Departure today.

I did not get Departure when it first came out. But, it would be the first CD I ever owned. I don’t remember what I did yesterday, but I remember buying this CD at Ann & Hope. When you entered the record section, the CD’s were against the wall on the left-hand side. This was back in the day when the CD case was packaged inside a taller box. Remember those. Eventually, the industry decided to be more environmentally friendly, and did away with the boxes.

I love this album. The casual Journey listener may have only heard of one song on this album. You’ll know which one! But the rest of the album is also great. If you haven’t heard of these songs before, give them a listen.

1. Any Way You Want It

You know this song. It is one of the band’s signature songs, and they can’t do a concert without performing it. Fans of the movie Caddyshack also know this song. Rodney Dangerfield’s character blasted it on the golf course. My sister used to babysit a little toddler, and would bring her to the house. I remember when she was just learning to walk. I would throw this cd in the stereo. When “Any Way You Want It” started playing, the baby would walk around bopping her head up and down to the music really enjoying it. I wish we had a video camera back then! I wonder if I made her a lifelong Journey fan.

2. Walks Like a Lady

Are you ready for some blues? This song is different from the band’s music on later albums. Very cool song. Great keyboards, guitars and vocals

3. Someday Soon

Another awesome song. It is the last song that Gregg Rolie sang lead vocals on.

4. People and Places

Another different style song. This was always one of my favorite Journey songs.

5. Precious Time

Great rockin’ song. I love the way the guitar starts the song.

6. Where Were You

This song blew me away when I first heard it. This may be overshadowed by “Any Way You Want It”, but it rocks just as much. Here is a live version:

7. I’m Cryin’

Another bluesy sounding song. It did take me a few listens to really like it. But, I do like it alot now.

8. Line of Fire

Another rocker. They still play this live sometimes. Here is another live version:

9. Departure

This title track is just a quick little, 39 second, instrumental.

10. Good Morning Girl

This song goes hand-in-hand with the following song, “Stay Awhile”. These are the ballads of the album.

11. Stay Awhile

12. Homemade Love

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