Daily Trivia: 9/19/12

Question: What actor adopted the pen name “Matt Harris” to write episodes of In the Heat of the Night?

Last Question: On Three’s Company, what shot did Terri gave Jack when they met?

A. influenza
B. measles
C. tetanus
D. chicken-pox

Answer: C. tetanus

Great job Pam (@ConnorsPam)!!

The episode Jack Bares All aired in 1981, and featured the introduction of new roommate Terri. In the first of this 2-part episode, Jack was given a second chance at being a chef at Mr. Angelino’s restaurant. Jack cut his finger, much to the delight of the disgruntled Felipe. Jack went to the Emergency Room, and had a bad experience with a nurse named Terri, which resulted in her tricking Jack in order to stick him with a tetanus shot.

In the meantime, Jack and Janet’s roommate Cindy announced that she was moving out in order to go to veterinary school at UCLA. Janet went out and found a new roommate. Much to Jack’s chagrin, it was that nurse Terri. Jack wanted Terri out of the apartment, and Terri was trying to win him over.

In part 2, the gang was throwing a going away party for Cindy. Jack and his friend Larry came up with a plan to get Terri to move elsewhere. They terrorized Terri, and then crossed the line when Jack ruined her dress. He was going to pretend to take a picture of her by using a trick camera, which he thought would spray water on her. Unknown to Jack, Larry put ink in the camera, and ruined Terri’s dress, and made himself look like an ass in the process. He felt really bad, and they made up and became friends and roommates. Terri would stay on the series until the show ended in 1984.

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