Remember That Song: 11/9/12

Can you name the artist and song:

It feels, like it’s forever
No reason for emptiness
But time just runs away
No more day by day

Last Song: “People Are People” by Depeche Mode
Great job Leviathan, Kids Inc Daily (@kidsincdaily) and picklebuggy (@picklebuggy)!!

It’s obvious you hate me
Though I’ve done nothing wrong
I never even met you
So what could I have done

And courtesy of @kidsincdaily:

2 thoughts on “Remember That Song: 11/9/12”

  1. I remember Depeche Mode but I didn’t really know many of their songs, my daughter listens to them, that’s how I got to know about them. Greetings from Sicily. I’ll look around to see if I find anything on Tom Jones!:)


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