Daily Trivia: 11/29/12

Question: What actor stepped out from his late brother’s shadow and into the films Real Men and Red Heat?

Last Question: What supergroup saw its members adopt the pseudonyms Lefty, Lucky, Otis, Nelson and Charlie T. Junior?

Answer: The Traveling Wilburys

Great job Wednesday’s Child!

Here are the members:

“Nelson Wilbury” – George Harrison
“Otis Wilbury” – Jeff Lynne
“Lefty Wilbury” – Roy Orbison
“Charlie T. Wilbury, Jr” – Tom Petty
“Lucky Wilbury” – Bob Dylan

And here a couple of their hit songs you may remember:

Handle With Care

End of the Line

If there were a new supergroup consisting of 80s stars today, who would you like to see in the group?

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2 thoughts on “Daily Trivia: 11/29/12”

  1. Answer: Jim Belushi.

    Let’s see…if there were a new supergroup of 80s stars, I’d nominate Daryl Hall and Annie Lennox on vocals, Eric Clapton on guitar, John Taylor on bass, Billy Joel and/or Howard Jones on keyboards, David Sanborn on sax (can’t have an 80s band without a sax soloist!) and Sheila E. and/or Neil Peart on drums.

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