Daily Trivia: 12/17/12

Question: What video game in Russia became a phenomenon with its release for the Nintendo Game Boy in 1989?

Last Question: What was the full name of the 18-month-old baby whose rescue received national media attention in 1987 after falling down a well?

Answer: Jessica McClure

“Baby Jessica” became famous after falling into a well in Midland, Texas. It took rescue workers 58 hours to free her.

CNN, which was a fledgling cable news outlet, was on the scene with around-the-clock coverage of the rescue effort. This massive media saturation of the ordeal prompted then-President Ronald Reagan to state that “everybody in America became godmothers and godfathers of Jessica while this was going on.”

The next child America needs to rescue from disaster (if it’s not too late already) – Honey Boo Boo!

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