Daily Trivia: 12/21/12

Question: Since noone got yesterday’s Christmas Vacation trivia, here’s another one:
What was wrong with the turkey the Griswolds had for dinner on Christmas Eve?

A. It was really a Cornish Hen
B. It was still frozen
C. It was severely overcooked
D. It still had feathers

Last Question: In Christmas Vacation, how many imported Italian twinkle lights does Clark use on the house?

A. 25,000
B. 6
C. 500,000
D. 2,500

Answer: A. 25,000

And he checked every bulb!!
Drumroll please!!

But hope is not lost…

3 thoughts on “Daily Trivia: 12/21/12”

  1. I’m going to go with C: severely overcooked.

    And the fact that I’m even thinking about the answer means that it’s been too long since I’ve seen this movie.


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