Daily Trivia: 1/11/13

Question: What was the name of the dog in Fraggle Rock?

Last Question: What ’80s spin off of a ’70s TV show did Martin Lawrence play on?

Answer: What’s Happening Now!!

What’s Happening Now!! was a television series sequel to What’s Happening!!. What’s Happening Now!! ran in syndication from 1985 to 1988.

Roger “Raj” Thomas (played by Ernest Thomas) became a writer. He bought half of the restaurant Rob’s Place (renamed Rob’s) and was running the business with Shirley (Shirley Hemphill), making money for himself and his new wife Nadine (Anne-Marie Johnson), who was a social worker. Dwayne (Haywood Nelson) became a computer programmer, and Rerun (Fred Berry) a used-car salesman. Raj and Nadine live in Raj’s childhood home while Rerun and Dwayne share an apartment.

Martin Lawrence joined the cast in the third (and final) season, playing Maurice Warfield. Maurice was a teenager who spent his afternoons as a busboy at Rob’s.

Here is the What’s Happening!! theme song:

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