Daily Trivia: 2/4/13

Question: In Dallas, Cliff reconnected with Afton Cooper. He discovered that Afton had a daughter that he suspected of being his child. What was Afton’s daughter’s name?

A. Lucy Afton Cooper
B. Pamela Rebecca Cooper
C. Rebecca Grace Barnes
D. Pamela Barnes Cooper

Last Question: What former Olympic superstar subbed for Erik Estrada on CHips during a contract dispute?

Answer: Bruce Jenner

Great job Jim!!

In the fifth season of CHiPs (1981–1982) Erik Estrada went on strike over a dispute over syndication profits. As a result he did not appear in seven episodes. So, during that period he was replaced by Bruce Jenner, who played Officer Steve McLeish.
Unfortunately, I could not find any video of Bruce Jenner on CHiPs, and I refuse to show any Kardashian crap here, so here is the CHiPs opening song for Season 5:

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