Daily Trivia: 2/6/13

Question: What comatose beast was brought back to life with an artificial heart implant, for a 1986 sequel?

Last Question: In Dallas, Cliff reconnected with Afton Cooper. He discovered that Afton had a daughter that he suspected of being his child. What was Afton’s daughter’s name?

A. Lucy Afton Cooper
B. Pamela Rebecca Cooper
C. Rebecca Grace Barnes
D. Pamela Barnes Cooper

Answer: B. Pamela Rebecca Cooper

On the new Dallas, Rebecca just revealed herself to be Pamela Rebecca Cooper. It was revealed in the season finale last year that she was Cliff Barnes’ daughter. In the season premiere last week, she revealed her true identity to the Ewings.
I had never watched the series when it originally aired, but I love the new show. My wife was a fan of the original, and she likes this one even more. I highly recommend it. It’s going to be sad when it starts getting to the episodes without Larry Hagman though. But I have a feeling that the rest of the cast will be able to carry on the tradition very well. Here is the opening theme of the new Dallas:

And here is the classic opening:

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