Remember That Song – 4/29/13

Hi Everybody, Return to the 80’s is back from an awesome Caribbean cruise vacation. Let’s jump back into things.

Can you name the artist and song:

Been running so long
I’ve nearly lost all track of time
In every direction
I couldn’t see the warning signs

Last song: “When You Close Your Eyes” by Night Ranger

Great job Kim (@soeightiesgirl)

I guess I don’t know
What I’m thinking
Coming off a Hard Night of Drinkin’

2 thoughts on “Remember That Song – 4/29/13”

    1. Thanks so much!! You got it! I was very tempted to go with Billy Ocean, but for some reason I couldn’t get the Go-Go’s out of my head today. I think I did “Vacation” when I took my last vacation so I just went with Head Over Heels.


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