80’s Trivia – 5/22/13

Question: What band was billed as Power Tool for their song “Two Heads Are Better Than One” on the soundtrack for Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure?

Last Question: hat is the name of the 1980 film in which 5 teams played a game called “The Great All-Nighter”. Bonus – which popular actor made his film debut here?

Answer: Midnight Madness. Michael J. Fox made his film debut in this movie.

Midnight Madness was produced by Disney. It was rated PG, and was the second Disney film to receive anything other than a G. The first was The Black Hole.

Leon (Alan Solomon), a genius, summons five college students to his apartment and challenges them to participate in his latest game creation: The Great All-Nighter. He tells them about his game and instructs them to form teams. At first, the leaders refuse to play. However, rivalries between them lead all five to change their minds by the game’s start time.

The game works like this:
Teams are given an initial clue to solve.
When the clue is solved, it will lead to a location.
At that location they must find and solve another clue leading to another location and eventually the end.

The teams were each represented by a color. They wore matching sweatshirts, and their vehicles also matched the team color. The teams consisted of stereotypes.

The Yellow Team was the good guys. They were all friendly and nice, and played fairly. The team was led by Adam (David Naughton). Michael J. Fox was also on the team as he played Scott, Adam’s younger brother.

The Blue Team consisted of the bad guys. They were selfish and rude, and tried cheating every chance they could. They were led by Harold (Stephen Furst), who was jealous of Adam.
The movie mainly focused on these two teams.

The other teams were:
The Green Team, also known as the “Meat Machine”. They were made up of jocks from the school’s football team.

The White Team is made up of debate team nerds, led by Wesley (played by Eddie Deezen, who is mainly recognized for his role as Eugene in the Grease movies).

Finally, the Red Team was made up of four members of an unpopular sorority led by Donna, played by Maggie Roswell.

The movie only grossed $2.9 million in the U.S. However it gained a cult following as it was aired repeatedly in HBO in the early days of cable TV.

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